Embrace the Cozy Vibes of Fall with Proform Beauty Supply in Bothell, WA

As the leaves change color and the crisp autumn air heralds a season of quiet luxury and classic elegance, it's time to give your nails a refreshing update with Proform Beauty Supply in Bothell, WA. Nestled next to the renowned Zeeks Pizza on 1715 228th St SE UNIT 104, we offer a sanctuary where you can explore the freshest nail trends poised to reign this fall.

Dive into the Magnificent Palette of Fall

From the warmth of chocolate glazed donut nails to the understated grace of teal nails, our collection showcases the very best, bringing a touch of timeless style to professionals and enthusiasts in Bothell, WA, and Lynnwood, WA. Let us delve deeper into the colors and styles that are set to adorn the canvases of your nails this season:

Chocolate Glazed Donut Nails: This trend takes the much-loved glazed nails trend a notch higher, welcoming a hue reminiscent of chocolate donuts to grace your nails. Whether you're opting for a French tip or a full nail design, the glossy finish, and the rich brown tone will exude luxury and indulgence. Find your perfect shade with OPI Leather Goods shade, promising a cozy and indulgent hue that complements the fall season seamlessly.

Teal Nails: Representing the epitome of sophistication, the teal trend is making a grand entry this fall. The versatility of the teal color palette, ranging from light and dusty to rich tones, ensures there's a shade to cater to every preference. Get your hands on the fabulous OPI Shellac Teal Textile shade, which is a part of the Creative Nail Design Shellac - Fall Upcycle Chic 2023 Collection, exclusively available for the enthusiasts in Bothell, WA, and Lynnwood, WA.

Shades of Olive: A timeless choice, olive nails continue to be a favorite. The versatility that shades of olive offer make them a sought-after choice for modern, glossy finishes as well as trendy gradient designs. Discover the beauty of the OPI Rags to Stitches nail color, letting you embrace the warmth and richness of this hue.

Unveiling the Gems of the Fall Collection

At Proform Beauty Supply, we are passionate about keeping abreast with the latest trends, curating a collection that resonates with the dynamic needs of nail professionals and enthusiasts alike. This fall, we unveil an array of colors that evoke seasonal charm and elegance:

Burnt Orange: Symbolic of the vibrant tones of autumn, burnt orange nails are a seasonal favorite. Experiment with various shades and styles, combining burnt orange with other fall shades to reflect the hues of the season vividly.

Vanilla Glazed Donut Nails: A sophisticated and minimal choice that has gained popularity thanks to Hailey Bieber. This trend promises a refined finish, perfect for special occasions this season.

Dark Red Nails: Embrace the rich and deep tones of dark red, offering an elegant alternative to the classic fall brown. The OPI Needles & Red gel nail polish is your go-to choice for a statement manicure, adding a touch of sophistication to your look.

Minimal Azure Nails: Opt for a timeless and chic look with minimal blue nails, embodying elegance and simplicity to keep you looking effortlessly classic throughout the fall.

Silver Chrome Nails: Add a dash of glamour to your manicure with silver chrome nails, promising to elevate your overall look with a touch of sparkle.

Essentials for a Perfect At-Home Manicure in Bothell, WA, and Lynnwood, WA

As you explore these fabulous trends, make sure you have all the right tools at your disposal for a perfect at-home manicure. At Proform Beauty Supply, we house a range of essentials including nail files, buffers, cuticle oils, and nail polish removers to facilitate a salon-worthy experience at home.

Dive into the Rich Collections

Our shelves are adorned with some of the most sought-after collections this season including:

  • OPI Fall Upcycle Chic 2023 Collection
  • Creative Nail Design Fall Nail Colors
  • Shellac Fall Nail Shades

These collections offer a rich palette of colors and finishes to complement your personal style and preferences. Whether you're in Bothell, WA or Lynnwood, WA, we invite you to experiment with these shades and find the perfect hue to elevate your fall wardrobe.


As we embrace the cozy and chic vibes of fall, it's time to update your manicure and experiment with the rich palette of colors defining this season's trends. Located conveniently for the residents of Bothell, WA, and Lynnwood, WA, Proform Beauty Supply stands as a beacon of quality and style.

Visit our website at Proform Beauty to explore the myriad of options available or call us at (425) 770-0898 to know more. Let us journey together in the delightful exploration of fall trends, promising a season of timeless elegance and understated luxury.

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