Festive Makeup Must-Haves in Bothell: Holiday 2023 Edition


Hey, Bothell beauties! The 2023 holiday season is upon us, and it's time to talk about the makeup must-haves that will have you shining brighter than the holiday lights. Whether you're attending a glamorous party, hosting a cozy family gathering, or simply want to add a little extra sparkle to your everyday look, we've got you covered with the top makeup trends and products this season.

Bold and Beautiful: Statement Lip Colors

Let's start with the lips because, let’s face it, a bold lip is the perfect way to make a statement at any holiday event. This year, it's all about rich reds, deep berries, and even daring metallics. These hues are not just gorgeous; they speak volumes about your style and confidence. Whether you're a matte lover or a gloss fanatic, make sure to pick up a shade that stands out.

The Eyes Have It: Shimmering Shadows and Liners

Next up, let's talk eyes. The holidays are the perfect excuse to experiment with some sparkle. Think shimmering eyeshadows in golds, silvers, and festive greens. Don’t shy away from glitter liners either – they can add a fun twist to any look. And remember, blending is your friend; these shades can be mixed and matched to create a seamless look that’s uniquely you.

Flawless Base: Foundations and Concealers for Every Skin Type

A flawless base is essential, especially when you're likely to be photographed. This season, look for foundations and concealers that offer both coverage and a natural, skin-like finish. With the cold Bothell weather, also consider products that offer extra hydration to keep your skin looking fresh and dewy.

Glow-Getter: Highlighters and Blushes for a Radiant Look

What’s a holiday look without some glow? This year’s trend is all about radiant, healthy-looking skin. Find a highlighter that complements your skin tone – from icy silvers to warm golds – and don’t forget a blush that gives you a natural, rosy flush. The key is to look like you're glowing from within.

All About the Brows: Framing Your Face

Let's not forget the brows – they frame your face, after all. This holiday season, the trend is moving away from overly sculpted brows to more natural, fluffy ones. Think brow gels and pencils that add volume and definition without looking too drawn-on.

Set It and Forget It: Setting Sprays for Long-Lasting Wear

With all the parties and events, you’ll want your makeup to last. Invest in a good setting spray that not only holds your makeup in place but also offers additional benefits like hydration or a matte finish, depending on your skin type.


This holiday season in Bothell, it's all about expressing yourself through your makeup. Whether it's a bold lip, sparkling eye, or radiant skin, the key is to wear what makes you feel the most beautiful. At Proform Beauty Supply, we have all the festive makeup must-haves to ensure you look and feel your best. Stop by, explore our collection, and get ready to slay the holiday season of 2023!

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