Lynnwood's Ultimate Holiday Hair Care Guide for 2023


As the holiday season approaches in Lynnwood, it's time to give your hair the attention it deserves. With the winter chill and festive events, having the perfect hair is essential. This guide from Proform Beauty Supply will walk you through the best hair care tips and products to keep your locks luscious and party-ready for 2023.

Moisturize to Combat the Cold

The cold Lynnwood weather can be harsh on your hair, leaving it dry and brittle. To keep your hair hydrated, invest in quality moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Look for products with natural oils and butters that nourish and protect your hair.

Don’t Skip the Scalp Care

A healthy scalp means healthy hair. During the holidays, treat yourself to rejuvenating scalp treatments. Scalp serums and massages not only promote hair growth but also help in relieving holiday stress.

Styling Products for the Perfect Holiday Look

Whether it's sleek, straight hair or bouncy curls for your holiday parties, using the right styling products is key. Heat protectants are a must before any heat styling, while hairsprays and gels will help your hairstyle last longer.

Protect Your Hair Overnight

Don’t forget hair care in your bedtime routine. Silk pillowcases reduce hair breakage and prevent frizz, keeping your hair smooth and ready for the next day's styling.

Natural Remedies for Extra Shine

For that extra shine, turn to natural remedies. Homemade hair masks with ingredients like honey, eggs, and yogurt can add life back to dull hair, making it shine just in time for holiday selfies.


This holiday season in Lynnwood, let your hair shine as brightly as the festive lights. At Proform Beauty Supply, we have all the products and tips you need for your holiday hair care. From deep conditioning treatments to the latest in hair styling, we’re here to ensure you look your best for every holiday event. Pop into our store and let us help you make a stunning hair statement in 2023!

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