Nail Techs! This Is Why Buying Bulk Gives You the Best Deal

Nail techs are always trying to save money. But when it comes to buying nail products, sometimes we feel like we have no choice but to pay more for our supplies. After all, we need to keep our clients happy, right?

Well, there's a way you can save money on all of your purchases from Proform Beauty Supply and it's called "bulk buying."

What is Bulk Buying?

Bulk buying refers to buying large quantities of items at once. In the case of nail supply, this means that instead of buying one bottle of polish at a time, you buy five bottles or more at once. You can save money by doing this because bulk buying allows you to buy things in bulk at cheaper rates than if you were to buy them individually. Think about it - if you would only use one bottle of polish every few weeks or months and could only afford one bottle at a time, then why not buy two bottles instead? That way when the first bottle runs out, there will be another waiting in line.

You can get more product for less money. It's simple math; if you buy in bulk, you'll end up paying less per bottle than if you were to buy individual bottles.

It's easy to control how much product you use and how often you need to restock. Instead of running out at inconvenient times — like when a customer is about to walk out the door and there's only one bottle left — or having too much leftover at the end of a day, there will always be enough nail polish remover around for touch-ups or cleaning up mistakes without having to wait for another shipment or restocking order from your supplier.

At Proform Beauty Supply we carry all types of nail products for both the salon and home use. We sell everything from salon quality acrylic powder systems to professional grade nail art tools that are perfect for creating salon-worthy manicures. We offer a wide selection of nail polish, gel and acrylic products, manicure and pedicure tools and more. If you are looking to save money on your next set of supplies, Proform Beauty Supply offers bulk buying options for all of our products.

Our store location is 1715 228th St SE UNIT 104, Bothell, WA 98021.

Swing by and we'd love to introduce our bulk buy deals to you!

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