Top Winter Nail Trends 2023: Your Bothell Guide to Festive Manicures

The Classic Red Reimagined

Red nails are a winter staple, but 2023 is seeing a twist on this classic. Think deeper, more luxurious shades like burgundy and oxblood, perfect for Bothell’s chilly nights and festive gatherings. Add a matte topcoat for a modern finish, or go glossy for that timeless glamour.

Subtle Shimmer and Bold Glitter

Shimmer has always been a holiday favorite, but this year, it's about finding balance. A single glitter accent nail paired with solid colors is the trend in Bothell. For the more adventurous, full-on glitter nails in gold, silver, or holographic shades make for an eye-catching statement at holiday parties.

The Minimalist Approach

Not everyone loves the glitz and glamour. Minimalism is big in 2023, with nude tones taking center stage. Embrace soft taupes, light greys, and creamy beiges for a sophisticated look. Add a tiny bit of nail art, like a thin stripe or a small geometric shape, for a touch of personality.

Moody Blues and Greens

Reflecting Bothell’s winter skies and evergreen landscapes, moody blues and greens are trending. From teal to forest green and navy blue, these shades are perfect for those who prefer a more unconventional palette for their winter nails.

The Return of Nail Art

Nail art is making a big comeback in Bothell this winter. Think abstract designs, subtle line art, and festive themes like snowflakes and stars. This trend is your chance to get creative – mix colors and designs for a manicure that's uniquely you.

Sustainable and Healthy Nails

In line with the global shift towards sustainability, healthy, eco-friendly nail products are in demand. Bothell’s environmentally conscious clientele are opting for non-toxic polishes and treatments that keep their nails strong and beautiful throughout the winter.

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