Unleash Your Creativity with Proform Beauty Supply

In the realm of beauty, the right tools can unleash unparalleled creativity. Proform Beauty Supply, situated in the heart of Bothell, WA, is a treasure trove for salon owners and beauty enthusiasts, promising superior quality nail products that set the stage for stunning artistry.

Proform Beauty Supply: Your Trusted Partner

Who We Are

Proform Beauty Supply is not just a store, it's a haven for those who breathe beauty. For years, we have catered to both professional salon owners and amateur nail artists, offering a vast range of top-tier nail supply products that inspire and enable creativity.

What Sets Us Apart

In a world full of beauty supply stores, why choose Proform? Is it our commitment to quality? Our wide product range? Or perhaps our undying passion for nail art? While all these factors undoubtedly contribute, it's our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction that truly sets us apart.

Our Products: Quality that Speaks

Nail Polish Selection

At Proform, we boast an extensive array of nail polishes, from classic shades to the latest trends. Dive into the sea of vibrant colors, lush pastels, and mesmerizing glitters that guarantee a statement look for every occasion.

Nail Care Products

A healthy canvas leads to beautiful art. Our selection of nail care products, including nourishing oils, strengtheners, and cuticle care essentials, ensures your nails are always primed for perfection.

Nail Art Supplies

Ever dreamt of creating intricate nail designs? Our assortment of nail art supplies, including brushes, decals, and gems, empowers you to transform your nails into a piece of art.

Why Choose Proform Beauty Supply

For Salon Owners

As a salon owner, your customers expect the best. And we're here to help you deliver. Our professional-grade products ensure consistent results, helping you create stunning manicures that keep clients coming back.

For Beauty Enthusiasts

Amateur nail artist? Fear not! Our store caters to all skill levels. Our friendly staff are eager to guide you, ensuring you find just the right tools to begin your nail art journey.

Our Location: Bothell, WA - A Beauty Enclave

Visit Us Today

Shop Directions

Our store is conveniently located at the heart of Bothell, WA. Finding us is easy, and once you do, you’ll find a world of nail art potential right at your fingertips.

Store Hours

We're open seven days a week, ready to welcome you into the Proform Beauty family. Check our website for specific hours and holiday schedules.

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At Proform Beauty Supply, we believe beauty is an art form, and we're here to help you perfect yours. Our extensive product range, committed team, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction make us a trusted choice for salon owners and beauty enthusiasts in Bothell, WA, and beyond.

Join us and let's create some beauty together!


  1. What types of products does Proform Beauty Supply offer? We offer a wide range of nail care and nail art products, including polishes, brushes, decals, and more.

  2. Where is Proform Beauty Supply located? We are located in Bothell, WA.

  3. Do I need to be a professional to shop at Proform Beauty Supply? No, we welcome beauty enthusiasts of all skill levels.

  4. How can I stay updated with Proform Beauty Supply? You can follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

  5. Are your products suitable for use in professional salons? Yes, our products are professional-grade and suitable for use in salons.

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